3rd Day with the Fuji XE-1 aka sexy 1 + 35mm f1.4

So I have sold my canon 24-105L zoom lens to fund a new purchase and have taken the plunge into mirrorless territory. I have been lusting over fuji camera since they brought out the X100 and since the Xpro-1 was out of reach (ridiculous pricing) the next best thing was the XE-1.

My new-found relationship with this camera is not unlike a “teenage love affair”. It’s new and exciting, but not without its little quirks here and there (the lag on the EVF in low light can be frustrating). Although when you outweigh the pros with the cons, and learn to embrace its imperfections, you will fall head over heals in love (with its image quality output). I mean, I have never seen such clean pleasant looking jpeg files straight out of the camera (even at iso6400). And the very sharp 35mm lens (53mm equivalent)? I think is is fair to say that it is “the lens” for me as 50mm focal length (full frame equivalent) has always been my favourite.

I have always shot raw when i started shooting with my 350d (back in 2007), 40d after that and recently the 5d mark ii, pumping photos out through a combination of lightroom and photoshop plugins workflow. Now working with beautiful jpeg straight out of the camera, it is a game changer – for the better (faster workflow).

My “go to” gear for days/outing when I am feeling creative is the 5Dmkii + sigma 35mm f1.4 + 50mm f1.2, but carrying that around with a toddler on your shoulders; forget about it. My first love will always be DSLRs with its versatility and speed and awesome IQ but I an gonna have to spread my love thin because it looks like the Fuji XE1 might just become more than my mistress.

This was my first rant about my love of photography and hopefully not the last. The Fuji XE1 has definitely re-ignited the fire.

Some samples of some snaps from the 3rd day I had with the camera (sooc jpegs processed with lightroom to give it the film look).

By the way, the double exposure shots were done straight from the camera (no photoshop layers – i promise).

DSCF0255DSCF0254DSCF0251DSCF0248DSCF0247DSCF0242DSCF0241DSCF0214DSCF0206DSCF0205DSCF0199DSCF0189DSCF0187DSCF0173DSCF0259DSCF0300 DSCF0299 DSCF0298 DSCF0284 DSCF0268 DSCF0260


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